The XYZ Network
31st March 2017 - 21st August 2021

Personal Note

Over the last 4 and a half years, I have invested 100% of myself into this community. Working pretty consistently to create a unique and enjoyable environment for like-minded people to hang out in and relax. When Dingle and I first started The XYZ Network (Called at the time), it was nothing more than a joke to spite the only relevant PoliceRP community at the time (CrixRP). Four years later, it has allowed me to start a business and enjoy the perks of being self-employed for the better part of 3 years. Being the heart of a project where you can create things that you know will be used and consumed by a large audience is something that I have been able to take for granted over the last couple of years, and for that, I am extremely thankful. To have an audience that is as committed to a project as you are is a rare thing, so my appreciation is unmeasurable. I cannot thank you all enough for the journey you have given me <3

What happened?

I cannot tell for sure why the community has seen such a significant drop in active players. Maybe some poor development choices, a general lack of interest in the gamemode, or natural causes? We put a lot of effort into releasing V2.0, which we hoped would help peak community interest again, but we did not see the results we hoped for. I think it is likely that this has been a long-lasting issue, since as early as May, when we moved to Riverden and saw a similar drop in active players. We never completely recovered from that event. For the last year or so I've not had my heart in this, and I think it shows. Spending a lot of time committed to such a specific project has it's burnout, so maybe as I lacked passion, so did the community?

What happens now?

On Saturday, the 21st of August, the main PoliceRP server will shutdown at 7pm BST. Following that, the main Discord will enter a read-only mode. All channels will be locked and you will not be able to write messages in them. It is important to us that the history of the community is archived. Effective immediately, the main website will be taken offline and replaced with the notice you're reading now. This site in that state will remain online for an unknown period of time, but it will be at least months. Thanks to Smith Bob, you will be able to see a complete archive of the website in its current state on the WaybackMachine. The Department website will also be taken offline. The Discord bots and any other misc services will likely remain online until Saturday, being taken offline with the main server.

Why shut down?

As stated above, my heart has not been in this for a while, so it seems appropriate that now is a good time to close the community. We have no interest in handing the community over to someone else. I'd like to think we maintained a level of quality, that I cannot entrust will be respected if we handed it over to someone else. We have a lot of pride in the quality and quantity of custom content we produced, and it is important that it isn't broken. We simply cannot trust anyone else to maintain that.

What's next?

It is unlikely that any further projects will be released under The XYZ Network. The development team will continue to work together on new projects, they will however not be associated with The XYZ Network. If you are interested in what's to come next from the team behind this community, you can contact one of us (Ideally Legend).

Will you Open Source?

Yes, a large quantity of the source code will be going open source. The main ones to note will be the main PoliceRP server and the Department panel. You can find all our open source work here

What happens now?

Personal Thanks

There are a lot of people in this community that are owed a lot of gratitude for their contributions to making The XYZ Network what it has become. Here are a few personal thanks:
• Legend, Smith Bob, Tomsci, Ben, Jake Butts & Dr Pepper. They have all contributed to the development of the servers at some point in time. Without them, I would not have been able to keep up with workloads. They are all owed a great level of thanks.
• Dingle & Lucky Luciano. Both being integral parts to the start of the community and even getting it off the ground. Without them both, there would never have been a community to start with.
• Any staff member at any point in time. The voluntary commitment of your time to make other people's experiences better is greatly appreciated.
• The entire community. A lot of you have stuck with us for years, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Some interesting statistics

• 39,000+ unique players
• 66+ Years of combined playtime
• 4,437 commits
• 11,958 active warns
• 1,449 active bans
• 14,949 total bans
• 672 staff notes
• 1,898 unique members
• 1,066 linked Discord accounts
• 833 profile comments
• 907 shoutbox messages
• 2,058 forum threads
• 9,743 forum posts
• 13,074 forum reactions
• 28,329 notifications
• 54 active API keys
• 1,156,598 total messages (Including bots & webhooks)
• 13 Discord bot rewrites
• 6,000+ combined Discord members
• 2,500+ Steam members
• 5 unreleased servers/projects

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