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ouwd41 - 7 hours ago
Sup homies
Sigel - 9 hours ago
NanCI- - 18 hours ago
imagine still trying to get unbanned
Owain - 19 hours ago
Imagine not buying credits while the bonus is active lol
Brotherman Bill - 3 days ago
owon when will we have this
[email protected] - 4 days ago
take this medkit
Sigel - 4 days ago
Legend - 5 days ago
Owain - 5 days ago
Apart from the fact nearly everyone in first world countries have the flu vaccination yet literally no one has a vaccination for this
Dan7 - 6 days ago
Nothing special
Dan7 - 6 days ago
Corona virus is like a flu for me right now
foxy the piret fox - 6 days ago
admin god
foxy the piret fox - 6 days ago
foxy the piret fox - 6 days ago
William Morris - 1 week ago
ballistic dog
i cant play - 1 week ago
Never for you
William Morris - 1 week ago
so when do permabans expire again
Ashley - 1 week ago
shite brother
Davidk - 1 week ago
Hows ur quarantine guys
i cant play - 1 week ago
Dear Gatesway,
Gatesway [.xyz] - 2 weeks ago
What's poppin' jumbo?
Falte - 2 weeks ago
love to see it
Falte - 2 weeks ago
Drunken Guy In Your Basement - 2 weeks ago
Fuck Off Falte, you have no reason to stay here
Falte - 2 weeks ago
who are you ashley?
Ashley - 2 weeks ago
get gone falte
Ludde - 2 weeks ago
Gucci SHoes
Falte - 2 weeks ago
well get ready to ree mr owjo
☆♫♫Cleo XYZ♫♫☆ - 2 weeks ago
Owain very honest haha xD
Owain - 2 weeks ago
It better be one last lol dab or I'm reeing
Falte - 2 weeks ago
There's one more thing i need to do before i leave ya'll alone
Sintex - 2 weeks ago
☆♫♫Cleo XYZ♫♫☆ - 2 weeks ago
Coconut - 2 weeks ago
Doctor Box - 2 weeks ago
yakuza has the big gay
Dr.Pepper - 2 weeks ago
Owain - 2 weeks ago
Waiting for the day Falte finally leaves us all alone...
Falte - 2 weeks ago
i wont clap my hand ill clap your cheeks cleo
☆♫♫Cleo XYZ♫♫☆ - 2 weeks ago
if you happy clap your hand ^^
Dealinator - 2 weeks ago
ProfixousGamer - 2 weeks ago
No lol im bored : /
Skylor - 3 weeks ago
Im going to succle you off
Smith Bob - 3 weeks ago
Is that a threat
ProfixousGamer - 3 weeks ago
Hippety Hoppety this server will soon be no ones property
Legend - 3 weeks ago
Dr.Pepper - 3 weeks ago
Shoutbox more inactive than me
sawilliams01 - 3 weeks ago
an old woman grabbed my friends ass and walked off, she was arrested afterwards.
Pedo Pete - 4 weeks ago
Owain needs a hair cut
Pedo Pete - 4 weeks ago
come here kiddies!
Pedo Pete - 4 weeks ago
I heard Dan takes it up the arse from men