Rules Archive

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A.) General Rules

Do not do anything that could harm the server. When you die you forget your previous life and may not return to the location of your death for 5 minutes, You may not return to the RP situation you died in even if the NLR timer has passed, this is known as NLR (New life rule). Similarly when you change jobs you must also obey NLR, with the exception of the 5 minute rule unless you changed jobs directly after a death. You must value your life, if you are unarmed and somebody is pointing a weapon at you giving you orders you must compile where reasonably possible, this is known as FearRP. If you are already in a combat situation you may ignore FearRP. When outnumbered, you must fall into FearRP. For example 2 Police Officers have guns pointed at 1 criminal who has their gun already drawn but is not in combat. If you have a knife equipped when under gunpoint you must follow FearRP unless in stabbing distance. Do not impersonate another member of the community. Your name may only use alphanumeric characters. Do not advertise other servers or games Do not harass other players Do not abuse handcuffs or the baton. Do not abuse tools. Do not abuse props, this includes creating a prop for the purpose of headglitching. Do not body block. Do not scam. Do not place cameras while in an active rp situation. Do not copy or steal somebody else's name All global communication must be done in English. An exception can be found in advert rules. Do not chat or mic spam, this includes modifying your voice output. Do not use out of character information to your advantage, for example somebody saying in OOC "When will my printers give me money" is not a valid reason to raid. Do not abuse glitches/exploit game mechanics. Do not use outside programs (hacking/scripting) to give yourself an unfair advantage. Do not self supply. No roleplay in spawn. Hitbox shielding/glitching is not permitted If you commit a major crime you and your party members may use a total of 4 RP friendly props, these are any that you could have reasonably brought with you or fit the theme of the location you are committing a major crime in. These props may not block any entrances. You may not use the explosion of ammo boxes to your advantage. Cop baiting is not allowed and is defined as doing anything with the intention of creating confrontation with police. When one member runs from an active roleplay situation they must reinitiate before they can continue the same roleplay scenario. E.G Player A shoots at player B and player B runs away. Player B must reinitiate before killing player A. You must have a valid RP reason to kill someone. You may not use the grappling hook while in combat or to access staff sits. Do not leave to avoid staff or roleplay. Racism is not permitted. Deaths threats are not tolerated. Do not prop minge. You may not disturb any ongoing tryout/training/meeting or those which are about to start. You may exchange credits for items, such as guns, but you may not sell them for real money or in game money unless you use the market. Names, including custom job and party names should be reasonable and non-offensive. Do not build during active combat.

B.) Basing Rules

Overall a base must be fair to the players raiding it, if you can shoot a raider the raider must be able to shoot you with any weapon You may not have more than one base for you and your party. You only need one legitimate entrance. You may only have a maximum of 4 fading doors in your base. All fading doors must have one functioning keypad/button on each side. All keypads must be active for at least 4 seconds. Do not hide keypads or create fake keypads that do nothing. Do not build outside your property. Do not force players to jump, grapple or crouch to move in your base. You may build KOS Zones via the use of rope, these must also have a sign which is clearly visible and may not single out a group of people/an individual. Loitering signs are not allowed Do not build mazes, your base must be easily navigable. Do not use glow effects (Placing 2 props together glow affecting one and giving a material to the other so there is a one way view.) Do not one-way prop shoot You may not do anything illegal inside your base while having a building sign outside. You must own the majority of doors inside your base Do not build traps. Do not use hotkeys when in an active RP situation, button's can only be used if you leave the fading door open for at least 4 seconds. If it is clear someone else is basing there, you may not then go in and takeover the base. Having several buildings combined into one is not allowed and is known as a Megabase. This excludes apartment buildings. Kill boxes are not allowed. When designing "airlock" type bases, ensure that there is enough room to fit roughly 4 people in an unobstructed 2x2 like grid space. Hard to See entrances are not permitted. Sliding entrances are not permitted. Entering a base uninvited makes you KOS, even if there was no KOS sign outside. Nocollided props are not allowed. You cannot propblock camera's to prevent them being destroyed. Camera's must be placced in RP Friendly locations they cannot simply be floating in the sky they should have something which is supporting them.

C.) Advert Rules

Your adverts intention must be clear. You must send the advert before you start any action that assists in the end goal, with the exception of opening unlocked doors, setting up RP friendly props and movement. For example if all the PD doors are unlocked you can walk to the armory advert PD raid and then lockpick it, however, if you need to lockpick a door in order to access the armory or kill somebody you must advert before you do so. When doing adverts, you can have gimmick sentences or phrases as long as there is a clear statement of what the advert is in brackets. These sentences do not need to be English, however keep them short. Examples: "Allahu akbar (Terror)", "I'm coming for that booty (Raid)" You must advert "false" to stop doing an action You can only commit a crime if there is monetary gain. You must advert “assist” on all crimes where you are not the main adverter. When adverting assist, you must send this advert within 30 seconds of the main advert. A Major crime is defined as a store robbery, PD raid, president raid, bank raid and terror attacks. These have a 15 minute cooldown each. Store robberies are the only major crime which does not need a main advert, it still requires assists. A minor crime is defined as any other crime which requires an advert. A minor crime has a 15 minute cooldown, this only applies to individual places, you may commit minor crimes on different places one after the other without cooldown unless otherwise stated. When doing a major crime, you must actively partake in the action of robbing or defending it and you must be in the immediate area of the action, not on an adjacent roof sniping people. To steal a car you must advert “carjack”, if it is unlocked you need not do this. Carjacking the same person has a cooldown of 10 minutes and carjacking, in general, has a cooldown of 5 minutes. You may not steal the sprinter van, bearcat or the president's limo as these are armored vehicles. You may also not steal the vehicle of any job that requires it to function, such as the taxi driver, bus driver or mechanic. To raid a base you must advert “raid”. To break somebody out from jail you must advert “jailbreak”. To mug somebody you must advert “mug”,the max you can mug for is $5,000 and you must give at least 15 seconds for them to drop it. You can not mug with an explosive. To make somebody a hostage you must advert "kidnap", this automatically prevents the use of comms and weapons from the person being taken hostage. If you intend to commit another crime, such as a bank raid, using the hostage you must make it clear in your advert for said crime i.e “Bank raid with hostage”. The max you can hold a hostage ransom for is $25000. You need to give a minimum of 5 minutes to respond. A person can only be kidnapped for a maximum of 15 minutes (unless negotiations are ongoing) When you kidnap someone you may not kill them unless they don't cooperate or negotiations fail. To counter an arrest you must advert “counter arrest”, you may not counter arrest until the suspect is in handcuffs. You need a strong RP connection/affiliation with someone in order to counter their arrest. Such as being in a party. When adverting warnings, you must wait at least 3 second between each warning. To backstab you must advert “backstab”, you must wait until after you've obtained the money, for example after you've taken the moneybags from the vault. To take over an action you must advert "[action] takeover", you may not takeover situations where there is a hostage unless the hostage dies. You may not raid a base with a building sign. To steal something, such as a bank bag, you need to advert “steal” you must then ask them to drop it and give them at least 15 seconds before opening fire. You may not commit crimes against any of the following jobs: F&R based jobs, Police Cadets

D.) Job Rules

Bending the rules in your favour is not allowed. This can consist of anything from finding/abusing loopholes to taking advantage of obvious but absent rules.