A.) General Rules

Do not do anything that could harm and/or crash the server Do not break New Life Rule (NLR) (5 minutes) Do not impersonate staff (Don't pretend to be a staff member. However don't let this stop you from correcting a player that is breaking a rule, you don't always have to call a staff member) Do not break rules just because others do (Just because someone else is breaking a rule it doesn't mean you can, you will just end up getting punished as well.) No combat reviving (Reviving people during combat) Combat healing however is allowed. Do not interrupt mod sits (If a player is in a mod sit, you are not allowed to kill them or interfere in anyway.) You MUST pick a proper RP name (You may only use alphabetical letters) Street/nick names are allowed. For example: Chicken Title extensions to RP names are allowed. For example: Jack the Destroyer Do not advertise other servers or games Do not swear excessively Do not use explicit materials in sprays Do not harass other players Do not randomly batton players Do not abuse tools (Rope, advanced duplicator, sound emitters, lights/lamps etc.) Do not abuse props (This includes: kill/push/climb/surf/trap/spam.) Do not prop block (Don't use props to block another player from entering a certain area.) Do not body block (Don't use your own body to block another player or entrance.) Do not scam (Don't trick other players into giving you money/items.) Do not copy or steal somebody else's name All classes considered citizen may only have small weapons (Pistols) and any store-bought permanent weapons All global communication must be done in English (At least keep OOC and /advert in English.) There are exceptions, see rule C.26 for details. Do not chat or mic spam (This includes playing loud/annoying music through your mic.) Do not Metagame (Using out of character information to your advantage. Example: Seeing someone type in OOC "when will my printers give me money?" to validate a warrant.) Do not abuse glitches (E.G: Looking through walls because of missing textures etc. If you find a glitch inform a staff member.) Do not edit your character model Do not self supply (Buying weapons for yourself as any kind of dealer.) Use Common Sense (When in any situation, act appropriately and in a sensible manner.) Listen to staff (And be respectful, they are volunteers and are only trying to do their jobs.) No roleplay in spawn (Don't build/mug/kidnap/kill/pickpocket/raid/maze/taze in spawn.) You cannot revenge kill Do not prop block connecting tunnels / main roads / underground You are permitted to prop block within your own home, as long as there is a clear alternative entrance. Prop Tunnels and Mazes are not permitted Invisible/Dark/Hard to See entrances are not permitted Sliding gates/doors/entrances are not permitted Hitbox shielding/glitching is not permitted You are only permited 4 RP friendly props for cover when raiding the bank, store or PD. An example of "RP friendly" props is https://i.amowa.in/65yqPIFV.jpg. You cannot use the explosion of ammo boxes to kill people Cop baiting is not allowed. It is up to the staff member to decide if it falls under baiting When one member runs from an active roleplay situation they must reinitiate before they can continue the same roleplay scenario. E.G Player A shoots at player B and player B runs away. Player B must reinitiate before killing player A. RDM/CDM ect is not allowed You cannot use the grappling hook while in combat. Abusing the damage bug will result in it being taken from you. Do not leave to avoid punishment (LTAP). Do not leave to avoid roleplay (LTARP). Racism is not permitted. Do not prop minge. Ban evasion is not permitted. When outnumbered, you must fall into FearRP. E.G: 2 Police Officers have guns pointed at 1 criminal. During any raid where you are able to place props, you are not allowed to prop block any enterences. You may not disturb any on going tryout/training/meeting. If you have a knife equipped when under gunpoint you must follow FearRP unless in stabbing distance.

B.) Basing Rules

Overall a base must be fair to the players raiding it (no double doors etc.) You only need one legitimate entrance Maximum of 4 fading doors per base All enterable fading doors must have at least one functioning keypad on each side All keypads must be active for at least 4 seconds Do not hide keypads (They must be easily accessible for hacking. They must be in the same room as the fading door it opens.) Do not use fake keypads (Keypads that leads nowhere.) Do not build outside your property Do not block off areas of the map (Don't build a base that covers or locks off an entire area of the map.) Do not force players to jump or crouch (Players must be able to enter your base without jumping or crouching.) You may build KOS Zones (You can use ropes to build a small outline around your base entrance, you must also place a KOS sign as the ropes can sometimes be quite difficult to spot, if a player crosses this line they are KOS.) KOS Signs must be clearly visible You cannot place cameras while in an active rp situation Do not build mazes (Don't build your base in such a way that players find it difficult to find their way in or out.) Do not build skybases. Skybases consist of mainly large boxes in the air made of props. Using thing like cliffs/polls to justify the architecture will not be accepted. Do not use glow effects (Placing 2 props together glow affecting one and giving a material to the other so there is a one way view.) Do not one-way prop shoot You cannot keep printers inside your base while having a building sign outside Do not build on the streets or in public areas (Unless your job allows it.) You must own the majority of doors inside your base Do not build traps. A trap consists of blocking the players movement so that they are unable to freely move around within a "reasonable" space. Do not prop abuse (This means don't use the props to your advantage. For example, using them to head glitch.) Do not abuse buttons or hotkeys (Don't use buttons or hotkeys to quickly open a fading door to kill another player or when in an RP situation.) Loitering signs are not allowed If it is clear someone else is basing there, you cannot then go in and takeover the base Mega bases are not allowed. (A mega base involves having several buildings combined into one). This excludes apartment buildings, however you may not build out onto the road. At most you can extend it onto the front pavement. KOS signs cannot single out specific groups or people. They must be kept to general "guidelines". For example: "KOS if over line/raiding tools out" Kill boxes are not allowed. When designing "airlock" type bases, ensure that there is enough room to fit roughly 4 people in a 2x2 like grid space. All combat must be fair. This means that if one party is able to attack the other, both parties must have a moderately fair chance of being able to attack eachother. Things like grenade shoots/traps are not allowed as only one party is able to attack and inflict damage.

C.) Advert Rules

You may carjack without advert if the vehicle is unlock. You may not steal EMS vehicles as they cannot do their jobs without it. No chain adverts (Except Raid/Raid assist. You must specify when adverting, don't advert Kidnap/Kidnap Assist/Counter Kidnap. Be specific on your advert) When raiding a base you must advert (Raid/Raid assist) Raiding/riot/attack has a 15 minute cooldown (This only applies to individual places, you may raid different places after one another without cooldown) You can only raid/riot/attack if there is monitary gain. (No pointless raids) If raiding the PD your intentions must be to rob the armory itself. Your intentions must not be to simply kill anyone/everyone and camp. The max you can mug for is $5,000. The max you can hold someone ransom for (including hostages for bank/store... raids) is $25,000. You must give ample and fair time for the appropriate people to respond. Lock-picking/cracking without advert still makes you KOS (Police may arrest you if you are picking a lock/cracking a keypad that does not belong to you) Entering a base uninvited makes you KOS (No warning is needed) Do not mug someone with an explosive. You cannot advert count arrest untill the suspect is in handcuffs. When kidnapped, all coms and weapons are stripped without needing to be stated. A person can only be kidnapped for a maximum of 15 minutes (unless negotiations are ongoing) You cannot raid a building while training/tryouts/meeting are happening within it. FearRP applies where applicable. You must advert all major crimes. (This includes bank raids) When adverting warnings, you must wait atleast 3 second between each warning. When backstabbing, you must wait untill after you've received obtained the money (e.g after you've taken the moneybags from the vault). When doing a major crime, you must actively partake in the action of robbing or defending it. You cannot just sit on a roof and snipe police. Criminals cannot assist police in any way. You need a strong RP connection/affiliation with someone in order to counter their arrest. Examples: In a party or gang. You will gain from the counter in a large way. It is up to the discretion of the staff member to decide if the counter was fair or not. You cannot counter an action to take it over. You need to simply readvert the same thing or advert "[action] takeover" and take it over. You must advert assist on all crimes. NPC Store raids do not need a main advert, only assists. Do not apply effects to your adverts. For example "spoiler" or "hsv". They must be clear and the default golden color. When adverting assist, you must advert within a reasonable time of the initial advert. You cannot wait several minutes and then assist, you must assist with the inital advert. When doing adverts, you can have gimmick sentences or phrases as long as there is a clear statement of what the advert is in brackets. These sentences do not need to be English, however keep them short, no need to spam the chat. Examples: "Allahu akbar (Terror)", "I'm coming for that booty (Raid)" When you kidnap someone you cannot kill them unless they: do not co-operate or hostage negotiatons fail. "Hostage execution" is not a thing, you need a valid RP reason to kill your hostage. You cannot raid a base with a building sign. Building signs prevent the base owner(s) from holding any items of monetary value inside the base, thus making it a "pointless raid". You cannot kidnap any of the following jobs: EMS based job & Poice Cadets. Each major crime (PD Raid, Bank Raid etc) has a cooldown of 15 Minutes.

D.) Job Rules

E.) Car Rules

Do not apply colors, materials or trails to vehicles (Use the tuner feature at the car dealer instead) Do not add props to vehicles Do not use government skins or bodygroups on civilian vehicles Do not use civilian skins on government vehicles (Unless on a job that allows you to use unmarked cars) If a vehicle is occupied you MUST advert "Car Jack" if you want to steal it (Carjacking makes you AOS to all government officials) You cannot steal both the sprinter van, bearcat or the presidents limo (They are armoured vehicles) If a vehicle is empty you MUST advert "Car Theft" before attempting to steal it (If the vehicle is unlocked, you do not have to advert) When you are being carjacked, you must comply with the carjacker (You may roleplay, but you do have to exit the vehicle) All jobs may car jack their own vehicles back Stolen vehicle can be sold (Maximum fee is $25,000.) Police may fine players for breaking traffic laws Do not use your vehicle to block (Entrances or other players) If raiding you may use your vehicle as a barricade (Do not stand inside the vehicle, stand next to it.) Do not stand inside vehicles while lockpicking Do not abuse driver invulnerability (Don't stay inside your vehicle to avoid death, getting mugged, kidnapped etc.) Carjacking the same person has a cooldown of 10 minutes and carjacking, in general, has a cooldown of 5 minutes. When being pulled over, if you don't have a valid reason to run, you must stop. For example, if you run a red light and get pulled over, you then have no reason to initiate a pursuit. However, if you're wanted by the police, then this would be a valid response. When pulled over, you cannot initiate a gun fight without a valid reason. For example, if you run a red light and get pulled over, you then have no reason to initiate a gunfight. However, if you're wanted by the police, then this would be a valid response. You cannot steal armored vehicles. Any job specific vehicles can't be used to race/minge.
Bending the rules in your favour is not allowed. This can consist of anything from finding/abusing loopholes to taking advantage of obvious but absent rules.